Painter X
Price £269 (full) £140 (upgrade) | Company Corel | Web | Contact 0800 376 9271

Painter is a tool digital artists just cannot ignore. For years it has been the tool for replicating all kinds of natural media, from chalks and paint to brushes and pencils. And with Painter X things get even better.

One of the main additions to the application is the RealBristle painting system. This effectively adds three brush types to the Brush Selector bar: Real Round Bristle, Real Tapered Wet Flat and Real Fan Soft. These brushes are designed to blend and splay like real brushes would when you paint on canvas. In use, our artists found them very effective – especially when working on backgrounds and elements such as clouds – but you will need to adjust the length of the ‘bristles’ and set up each brush to your requirements.

The other main addition to this release is the Divine Proportion palette. Corel has recognised that some artists may need a helping hand when it comes to composition – and this nifty tool really does help you start an image off. Similarly, the Grid tool (customisable, but also with some handy presets, such as Rule of Thirds) makes composing an image a much easier affair. Such features as the Match Palette are a godsend for those wanting to tweak colour palettes and the new underpainting features are great for hobbyists wanting to transform a photo into a painting in a few easy steps. Dodge and Burn tools are nice for quick fixes and a Workspace Manager will please daily Painter users no end.

If you want to learn more about Painter X’s features, you’ll find them all in the free book with this issue. Painter X doesn’t feel like a piece of software – it feels like an extensive art studio. We definitely recommend it as a full package or upgrade.


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