Author/Editor Chip Kidd & Geoff Spear | Publisher Titan Books | Price £16.99 | Web

There was once a little boy who dreamed of nothing else but drawing superheroes and making comics. This book shows why he chose to never grow up. It’s a generous collection of comic illustrations that charts the career and early childhood ambitions of this – now adult – DC Comics artist.

This paperback edition includes 32 extra pages, with some exclusive material from his studio. The accompanying text brings alive the excitement and magic of the myths and fantasies that have won Alex just about every major award in the industry, during his 14-year career.

It shares some of his early childhood superhero art, such as sketches and quirky paper models that he’s recently dug out of his loft, all accompanied by commentary that will make you smile.

Superhero junkies and aspiring comic artists will enjoy being navigated through the adornment of characters, comic excerpts, concept sketches and render work, and discovering the artist’s influences and stories.

It includes a few good examples of comic story development that can inspire budding comic artists to vary their approach. For example, there’s a glimpse at using live art models and photography for comic creation.

Although this title does offer a snapshot at techniques, bear in mind that the publisher offers better alternative books if it’s more in-depth comic art tutorials that you’re after.

The collection is seriously Superman heavy, perhaps understandably, but there are also chapters on Batman, Superwoman, the Justice League, plenty of classic heroes and a few token villains. Finally, there’s an enviable bibliography that might just give you some ideas about where to send your own portfolio.

There are more capes, boots and leotards than a seven-year-old boy could dream of. Maybe.