Poser 6
Price $250 | Company e frontier | Web www.e-frontier.com | Contact via website | Mac and PC

Poser should need little introduction to you. The software has become an essential utility to many artists, especially those working in the 3D arena, because it provides powerful yet easy to use controls for creating characters.

Improvements in this latest version hit you straight away, with revisions to the software’s interface. This will be particularly welcomed by new users, who may have found previous versions increasingly difficult to comprehend.

Cosmetic changes aside, the software boasts important rendering changes that improve workflow significantly. The Production Frame feature displays the output aspect ratio directly in the document window, providing a realtime preview as you work. Area Rendering enables you to focus on a specific region of your model at high resolution without waiting for the entire form to render. The new RenderWipe feature helps you review compared versions of your work.

Lighting is also much improved, with Image Based Lighting being introduced. It provides a 360-degree lighting source as well as influencing the improvements to shadow rendering. Here we find ambient occlusion and soft raytraced shadows as well as the ability to render shadows independently.

Such changes add demands to system resources but with OpenGL hardware acceleration added, along with the benefits of the new interface, Poser becomes not only the most powerful version of the software but the easiest and fastest
to use.


System Requirements