Painting the Dragon Tamer
To become a better artist you have to constantly challenge yourself, upgrade your skills, seek out and eliminate weaknesses in your technique. Sticking to painting only what you are good at will make you a very narrow minded artist.

Modern companies are looking for employees with a wide range of skills, so it’s important to do something new with every picture you create, and if you fail at first, keep coming back to it until you’re happy with the results.

With that in mind, I’m going to show you my technique for painting an image in full sunlight. This was something I always struggled with in the past. There’s so much contrast to consider due to two global light sources, plenty of bounced light, and not forgetting subsurface scattering effects.

I’m going to look at how light works its way through the environment, which areas of my image should be illuminated by which type of light, and how light affects different materials and objects. I’ll also touch briefly on how I work with reference files, and look at an effect called High Dynamic Range (HDR) , which will help you understand managing contrast and values in your image.

It’s best, for this workshop, to have a basic knowledge of light and shadow in real-life environments.