The techniques of Ryan Church Vol. 1
Company The Gnomon Workshop | Web | Price $59

Ryan Church is something of a celebrity in the world of digital art. As a senior art director, at ILM, and someone who’s responsible for some of the most stunning Painter concept art ever seen (check out his website –, no wonder Gnomon wanted him to share his techniques with the world. And it’s a good job Gnomon asked him.

This DVD is different to the normal kind of ‘show and tell’ affair. The training is about more than just his techniques – it’s about the process and thought. Ryan is not reluctant to reveal his methods and there is a casual air to the whole DVD, as if Gnomon has just plonked him in a room and said “get on with it.” And this is what makes the title so refreshing.

While going into detail on sketching, painting backgrounds, adding detail and other essential concept art techniques, Ryan delivers essential snippets of advice, such as explaining the reasoning behind why he chooses to use certain tools to do particular jobs.

Even if you’re not into concept art, you could be doing yourself a favour if you buy this. It offers an essential introduction to the techniques of a modern-day Painter master.

The 2D digital workspace
Aircraft design
Natural lighting
Colours and markings
Wear and tear
Digital painting

1. Introduction
2. Line drawing
3. Painting the background
4. Blocking-in
5. Detailing
6. Final details