ImagineFX Issue 29
Issue 29 is out now!

This issue we sink our teeth into dino-art and we’ve only gone and got the best artists in the business to help you create the best possible dinos…

Dinotopia artist and palaeontology fan James Gurney shares his 24 top tips for creating fantastic dinosaur themed art.

Henning Ludvigsen underlines the importance of getting your values right. He shows you how a few simple rules can help you achieve better paintings.

New IFX artist Sue Marino explains how to paint an atmospheric and interesting portrait of a fantasy girl in Photoshop.

Weta Workshop senior concept designer Greg Broadmore reveals how to design a dinosaur concept for film production in a joint workshop with 3D World.

Lee Carter brings a script to life for the UK’s coolest comic, creating the artwork for his brand new 2000 AD strip, Dead Eyes.

In the rest of the magazine:

Legend: James Gurney
We talk to the acclaimed Dinotopia artist about dinosaurs and what inspires his work

Delving into the sketches of Neverwinter Nights artist Justin Cherry

Portrait of an artist: Raymond Swanland
From designing tattoos to Oddworld, Raymond reveals he’s a man of many talents

Traditional FXpose
The finest traditional fantasy artists

Artist Q&A
How to paint feathers, ZBrush’s LazyMouse function, using textures and much more

Art class
Henning Ludvigsen helps Will Dudla improve his portrait painting skills

Top ten
Legendary artist Bob Eggleton shares his monster and dragon creation tips


Charles Bernard’s and Nis Staack’s series continue. Workshop videos from Henning Ludvigsen, Lee Carter, and Sue Marino.

 DAZ Studio 3D Bridge
 Knoll Light Factory 3.0
 Toon Boom Digital Pro

3D Bridge Starter Bundle
Before trying out DAZ Studio 3D Bridge on this month’s DVD, make sure to install these free models. They include standalone figures, clothing, hairstyles, poses, props, animals, a vehicle and one smiley character.