The Custom Brush Guide: Fabric & costume
The various options offered by today’s painting software are not only making it possible for digital artists to recreate all of the effects of traditional media, but also enabling them to create their own brushes of a kind that were inaccessible to the old masters. Such custom brushes – made manually or extracted from photographs – are a wonderful and innovative way to add texture to paintings and have now become a standard tool among digital artists.

In the first part of this three-part workshop, published last issue, I presented various useful brushes for painting characters. In this part I am going to look at costumes and the brushes that might be useful for creating, or speeding up the process of painting various elements of clothing and accessories. I created the custom brushes outlined here in Photoshop (see the DVD assets box for where to download them), but, where possible, I am also sharing Painter’s brush settings for achieving similar effects.

From issue 20.