Painting New Worlds
Leong Wan Kok shows you how to use great texturing techniques whilst painting a far away land...

In this workshop I’m going to share some of the image techniques I’ve picked up in 12 years working as a professional artist, focusing on texture and colour. This workshop is divided into five main sections: brainstorming; preparing your canvas for colouring; colouring, from inside out; texturing; and the final touch up. As always, it is vital to know what your artistic direction is prior to starting work on your painting.

What kind of style, design element, the canvas size, final output file format, and so on. These are essential. If you have not received any brief from your art director, make sure you ask!

If this is a personal project, I strongly advise you to work out a fictional brief. You can also see my painting processes in the videos on your free DVD.