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The new issue of ImagineFX is epic in more ways than one. Not only does it showcase the very best epic landscape artists around, it’s also grown three centimetres taller to fit in more great art! To celebrate this issue also comes with a massive free poster.

Inside we speak to the legends of epic digital landscapes, including cover artist Raphael Lacoste, plus Daniel Dociu, Stephan Martiniere, and many more artists currently forging epic reputations. Avatar matte painter Dylan Cole talks to us about his art and career to date, and Sam Burley takes to the water to show us how to use waves as a compositional element in his dramatic waterscape workshop.

Elsewhere Emmanuel Malin offers tips on creating epic results with textures, Maciej Kuciara unifies a range of fantasy imagery to produce a strong fantasy femme, and Kev Crossley leads us through creating an effective vamp portrait in no time at all. There’s a Q&A section brimming with useful art tips, plus the latest digital art news and reviews. We've also got over 14 hours of video tutorials on our free DVD... That’s how ImagineFX does epic!

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Dylan Cole: From Avatar to the Land of Oz, matte painter and concept artist Dylan takes us through his epic career so far.

Kev Crossley: Learn how to create eye-catching painted artwork in less time than it takes to read this month's issue.  

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Epic masters: We've selected the best evocative epic  environment painters, including cover star Raphael Lacoste.

Sam Burley uses waves as a compositional element, adding a sense of energy and realism to a sci-fi landscape.
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Maciej Kuciara shows how to design an iconic heroine, encompassing several different elements and unifying the concept with colour.

Emmanuel Malin explores the the use of textures, how to sculpt them with light, and mixes them with a balance of organic shapes.

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