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This month ImagineFX is declaring its love for manga, and you will too by the time you've got through all our manga art tutorials and artist showcases. Fans of the vibrant cover should turn straight to Genzoman's tutorial of the same image - then go to our in-depth interview with the upcoming Chilean artist, where we look at his story so far.

With Painter 12's imminent release, we look at the new features on Corel's new release, with help from the artist Mike Thompson. Elsewhere, follow Omar Dogan as he explores the creative process behind a manga panel, there's plenty to gleam from Erik Jones's tutorial on textures and filters, and Trevor Claxton's Photoshop and Sketchup tutorial on unifying elements of your sci-fi concept will give you plenty to think about. There's also a manga special Q&A section crammed with brilliant art ideas

As ever, our free DVD is filled with goodies, including over 22 hours of video advice and a Manga Studio Debut 4 trial and loads more... Enjoy issue 71 of ImagineFX!

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Painter 12: With the help of digital artist Mike Thompson, we put the brand new natural media painting tool to the test, noting what's new and what's special about Painter 12. 

Trevor Claxton: Thoughtful design and detailing can give you an idea of the world in which a character concept exists.

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Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias: Once you've taken in this month's cover, and it's accompanying workshop (below) check out our in-depth interview with the Chilean artist.

Omar Dogan: Explore the thinking behind a typical manga, from line art to colouring, covering staging and colour theory along the way.
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Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias:  This month's cover artist takes us through the creation of his bespoke manga cover, bursting with colour and character.

Erik Jones: Follow the US artist as he takes a few simple textures and basic filters to create tangible-looking skin and help add visual interest to other elements in his work.

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