Portrait Speedpainting
To paint a realistic portrait with a reasonable amount of refinement and detail can take anything from ten to 50 hours – but it doesn’t have to. Using a combination of oil painting and acrylic techniques with existing digital painting techniques, I hope to show you how it’s possible to cut down your painting time dramatically.
To paint this way you have to be bold and decisive and have a good grasp of what you are trying to achieve. Hopefully the following steps will help you both cut down on those late nights and get a clean, finished look to your work.

Although I’ll paint this portrait in Paint Shop Pro, I’ll keep the procedures I use generic enough for it to be adapted for your painting program of choice. However you should be familiar with the following features: layers, layer properties, custom brushes, custom brush properties (dynamics), Dodge and Burn.

Since I’m recording this whole process from start to finish I’ve also opted to avoid brush pressure settings for the painting stages – but please feel free to use them yourself if you’re following this workshop through.

From issue 22.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of bandwidth restrictions, workshop videos are not available online.