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Want to find out about the mechanics of inspirational design? Get your hands on the new issue of ImagineFX then, where we cherry-pick our favourite vehicle art and speak to the legendary artists that created them. That's once you've made the leap from Mike McCain's spaceship cover to his workshop of the same image. There’s also John Giang's workshop that uses 3D and 2D to create a mech-centred war scene, whilst Liviu Tudoran uses Photoshop to show how to create a clean futuristic vehicle scene.

We're also unveiling the results of our second Rising Stars competition. ImagineFX and a panel of art industry greats, including Blizzard's Sam Didier and DC's Mark Chiarello, have chosen the ten best young artists creating digital art today, and showcased them in a special 17-page feature.

We also include a slightly surreal touch in this issue, with Bradley Wright offering a unique insight into a phantasmagorical painting. Autumn Rain Turkel reveals the secrets and benefits of professional warm-ups exercises in his workshop, and Simon Dominic combines Painter 12's Real Watercolour brushes to create a new world.

Don't forget to make the most of our free DVD, which is packed to the gills with workshop video files, free software, and 3D models - all to help you make the most of your brand new issue of ImagineFX.

December ISSUE

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Mechanics of Inspirational Design: Here we ask concept art legends, such as Syd Mead and Ryan Church about making iconic vehicle designs.

John Giang: With a dash of 3D method, John creates extra depth in his 2D painting of an evocative future war scene.

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Liviu Tudoran: Using nothing but Photoshop and his fertile imagination, Liviu creates a sleek sci-fi scene utillising the power of custom brushes.

Bradley Wright: A fascinating look into the one artist's physical and mental process behind this sureal illustration.
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Rising Star 2011: We've got the results of our second annual Rising Stars competition, with winners including Anna Dittmann.

Simon Dominic: The freelance illustrator shows us how to combine Painter 12's Real Watercolour brushes with old favourites to produce a new result.

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