LaCie Little Big Disk 160GB
Price £209 | Company LaCie | Web | Contact via website

Space is a premium commodity. No matter how large your hard drive, the sheer size of artwork files will always manage to fill it, and gradually your system can only become more and more sluggish. The most obvious way around this is to get yourself an external hard disk – and one of the biggest names in this market is LaCie. Its Little Big Disk range offers lower capacity drives at lower prices to its already popular Big Disk equivalents, but without any reduction in the all-important performance.

Weighing just 650g and with dimensions of 40x85x140mm this stylish unit is powerful and small enough to carry around. Plus, with two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400 and a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port you’ll find there are few systems into which this Plug and Play unit won’t instantly spring to life.

Larger units in the range offer 200GB and 320GB but we’re sure that even the most prolific of artists will find the standard 160GB plentiful enough storage for a long while. And, with an external hard drive like this you’ll find transferring your files to your new computer is as simple as unplugging the unit from one computer to another for instant access.