Become a better artist

To become a great artist, you need a solid grounding in the basics. There’s no point trying to be a comic artist for instance, if you’re knowledge of anatomy isn’t all that. Similarly, how could you ever expect to be a concept artist without an understanding of colour, tonal values and lighting? Learn the basics first – and get them right – and your opportunities as an artist, both personally and professionally are certain to grow.

In order to help you start your artistic journey, or simply refresh your memory, we’ve enlisted the services of four top digital painters – Rebecca Kimmel, Marta Dahlig, Michael Dashow and Philip Straub.

Over the following pages these artists show you some of the basics through snippets of essential advice. Then it’s up to you to continue your development as an artist…

From issue 18.
PLEASE NOTE! There are no support files required for this workshop.