The Techniques of Feng Zhu
Company Gnomon Workshop | Web | Price $49

Feng Zhu is a legend. His techniques are copied by many and envied by more. If you’re unsure of who the genius is, take a look to the left and read his biography. This training DVD is the first in a series of three volumes explaining some of the core techniques of concept design, through Feng’s eyes.

The DVD starts with an introduction by a remarkable chipper Feng (believe us, this is a welcome surprise for a training DVD). He introduces the techniques before launching into a speedy drawing session.

While it’s incredibly interesting to see how Feng works on a sketch directly in Painter, it is easy to get lost as he constantly rotates the canvas, adds more shading and tweaks his lines. It’s not a DVD for beginners – a basic to intermediate knowledge of Painter is definitely advised.

As the DVD progresses, Feng goes on to generate many thumbnails and then discusses the decisions behind choosing the final concepts for a client. It’s all interesting. Anyone tempted to move from amateur to professional artist will benefit from Feng’s generous and intelligent banter.

While rather specific, this DVD picks up on a few essential skills and techniques you’ll need if you’re to become a professional and successful concept artist. One more bonus: the DVD is extremely interesting.