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Pulp art may have origins in the cheap magazines made by mob accountants as a front for their nefarious business, but it grew into one of the most influential aesthetics in fantasy and sci-fi art. We take a look at the past, present and future of the genre that counts Frank Frazetta and cover artist Will Murai amongst its many practitioners.

As well as Will's detailed workshop that accompanies his office-based melodramatic cover, and a feature that charts the rise of pulp art, you can take on the mother of all pulp statements with Dan D Evans and create your own pulp book cover. Daniela Uhlig combines pin up with sci-fi for a unique workshop, and Thom Tenery channels the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs to create an awe-inspiring alien environment.

The ImagineFX Rising Stars competition is gaining momentum, with no age limit and all-new categories offering more great artists room for entry. But, should you want further inspiration to enter, have a look at the amazing prizes up for grabs.

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September ISSUE

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Pulp Art Special: Think you know the story behind pulp art? Think again! We speak to experts about pulp's pull.

Mars Attacks: With artists like John McRea working on the new Mars Attacks, pulp is 'in' this summer.

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Schultz Legend: Comic legend Marc tells us how his art was all inspired by those throwaway pulp titles. 

Daniela Uhlig: The German digital artist gets all hot under the collar in this pulp-inspired workshop.
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Your Art: This issue is packed with great reader art - enter your art for the FXposé gallery now!

Christian Pearce: Grime and dirt is the name of the game for Christian's texture workshop.

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