Can you talk us through the creative process behind the redesign of Splatterhouse?

Well the initial reaction for me was to make Rick exactly like the original scrubs. So we went into the vault of what we thought was cool. Comics, Monster Magazines and Movies, etc. Bernie Wrightson's Swamp Thing, Bisely's Batman / Dredd... We played the original games, we watched YouTube videos and tons of 80's horror flicks. I love the collaboration part of concepting the look and feel. We all speak pop culture, it really is a language of it's own. Our conversations would be very much like: "Yeah like the scene in Dead Alive when the guy rips open...etc" and the designer or artist would be: "Oh yeah exactly!! Totally like that".

Splatterhouse drew its inspiration from those 1980s horror movies, like Friday 13th and the Evil Dead. Did you have any similar cultural inspirations from games/comics/movies?

Absolutely! We were heavily influenced by the poster art of 80's horror flicks as well combined with 70's and 80's horror comics. We made the decision early on not to go straight up 'photo real', as there are tons of awesome action/horror games out there with great unique game play; but when you line them up visually they start to blur together. We wanted the new Splatterhouse to feel like the Frazetta Eerie comic covers with the crazy energy of a Richard Corben or Simon Bisley painting as well as keeping the shapes and colors from the original games.

Given that Splatterhouse has something of a cult following (albeit one with slightly rose-tinted specs - the original wasn't all that! Sequels were better), did you feel any degree of trepidation when working on this project?

Some of the characters from the original game had to be treated with respect for sure. Finding the right balance of being as faithful as possible while reimagining and creating from scratch. Sticking with the 1980's homage was a challenge through the whole process.

Are there any other old games that have recently been reimagined that have impressed you?

Super Streetfighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow all look amazing. They took those iconic old school titles and really went above and beyond with the style.

And are there any old games that you'd particularly like to work on for the modern generation of consoles?

Oh yeah tons. Off the top though Darkstalkers would be AMAZING to work on, as well as Altered Beast, Gauntlet and Weapon Lord!
I'd love to see games made from other sources. Like Frazetta's Death Dealer would make for an awesome game, based in the Jim Silke Prisoner of the Horned Helmet world, also anime classic Ninja Scroll would be epic as a game; both bringing signature style and their own universes...