Genzoman's colourful manga art

This article was taken from issue 71 of ImagineFX magazine.

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 Country: Chile
 Comic and card artist
 Genzoman is one of the
 new superstars of
 manga. Look out
 for more of his art
 in our current issue.


Codes of colour

During the late 90s, there was a sea change in digital illustration, from artists using the types of colour more typical of comics themselves, towards the introduction of more organic hues. This technique was mainly promoted by Japanese, Chinese and Korean illustrators, who were the most experienced in using Painter and working with grisaille.

Brunaille is a similar process, but uses shades of brown instead of grey scales. Those who employ it are mainly concerned with using light sources to generate basic volumes. This is the first part of the process, and they inject colour later on, blending and integrating it. The main idea of this method is to achieve faster performance by simplifying the decision-making process needed to separate light and colour.


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