Frank Frazeta style, by Jean-Sébastien Rossbach

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Jean-Sébastien Rossbach
 Country: France
 Sébastien has worked for many
 major companies including Marvel,
 Wizards of the Coast and Ubisoft.
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"I don’t know a single fantasy artist who isn’t influenced by the art of Frank Frazetta. A combination of his innate sense of movement, the energy, the raw pulse of life he put in his images, his skills in anatomy and storytelling propelled him to the top of the illustrators’ pyramid. I’m going to show you my way of interpreting the legacy this artiste extraordinaire has left us.

"Many have tried to steal his magic potion, but no one has been able to give their art even half the power that Frazetta could. So my goal isn’t to copy Frazetta’s art. Instead, I ask myself what elements of the great man’s production I like, and see if I can incorporate them into my own workflow. And what better subject could there be than a good old Conan piece?

The stamp of his lowly origin

"If you look closer at early Frazetta pieces you’ll see how he likes to draw human figures like animals. His guys can look like gorillas. I want to draw a Conan thrusting his chest out like a gorilla. You’ll also often find him at the top of a triangle composition, with an axe or sword in his hands. I like it a lot because it’s a simple type of composition and puts the focus on the main character, giving him potency and strength. I know I’ll add a couple of enemies at his feet, but for now I don’t know what they’ll look like."


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