Fiery Dragon Princess
As an artist, it’s hard to put into words the feelings you get when you create. The key to the creation process is hidden in your heart and soul – it’s something that’s completely individual.
To me every new assignment is a challenge and gets me involved in a new adventure. A challenge of the mind and the imagination, a battle to overcome all the boundaries, prejudices and complexes I’ve imposed on myself.
Materials don’t matter – whether it’s analogue or digital, what counts is the inspiration and the energy you can use to transform your artwork.
Every character I draw has a story. I’d rather challenge the imagination of the viewer than present a ready product with clear, visible conclusions. For me, it’s important to have a bit of mystique, so the perceptions can be teased. I had the concepts of “sexy” and “chick” in mind, but I wanted to put a twist on my dragon princess.
I wanted her to have the aura of someone gentle and gracious, but at the same time strong and decisive. All of this had to be contrasted with a non-typical environment.
I soon had several keystones: a beautiful heroine; dragon; fire; colour. Now I could sort out the relations between the elements of my composition, and settle on the colours.
I decided to put her in the middle of the flames, making her strong and invincible, in control of her situation. This instantly puts the dragon in a subordinate position, because his most powerful weapon is fire.

From issue 17.