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We’re looking at the bigger picture in issue 48, literally, with our very first gatefold cover, folding out to display the gloriously epic landscape painting of Daniel Dociu.

Within, Alex Broeckel’s workshop creates an urban landscape from scratch, we look at the immersive forest and desert environments of film and game man John Dickenson, and take a look at rising star Paul Chadeisson’s futuristic cityscapes.

Javier Molina shows us how to create a digital masterpiece on your iPhone, we rock out with rock artist Tara McPherson, and Cris de Lara echoes the greats of the past in her contemporary-styled pin-up painting.

There are also useful tips on composition from Drazenka Kimpel, a walk on the dark side with Dave Kendall’s sketchbook and Marshall Vandruff focusses his creature anatomy on the front legs and arms, plus $230 worth of software for free on the DVD, and more…

October ISSUE
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FXPosé: Exclusive new art from readers, including a whacky ass-kicking image from Matt Cavotta.

iPhone Art: Javier Molina uses some of the new iPhone art apps to create a mini masterpiece.

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Animal Anatomy: Marshall Vandruff’s forth instalment of the series looks at drawing front legs and arms.

John Dickenson: 20-plus years working for most of the industry's giants hasn't blunted his mojo.

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Cris de Lara: Using technique and reference from the greats of the past Cris creates a cheeky modern-styled pin-up.

Tara McPherson: We check out the art of the most rock and roll art lady on the planet.

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