The Custom Brush Guide: Nature and environment
Custom brushes play an extremely important role in today’s digital artist’s craft, and while understanding them and how they can best be used was once just advantageous, now it’s a basic requirement.

In this three-part workshop, I’ve tried to lay out the general rules and custom brush settings to as well as show some tips and tricks on unconventional ways to use them. The first part was devoted to painting characters, the second described painting textiles. Now, we have come to the third and final part, which will be devoted to enhancing landscapes and everything that you might find useful
for painting nature.

The majority of brushes described here are photograph based for the sake of realism and have been created in Photoshop. However, where possible, I am also going to write down the settings for standard Painter X brushes. You can find all of the brushes described here on your DVD.

From issue 21.