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Our main focus in issue 56 is the A to Z of fantasy creatures, and we elicit the help of the world’s finest fantasy artists to paint and discuss their favourite beasts and beings – from Aspidochelones to zombies.

This month’s stunning faun cover by Justin Gerard accompanies a breakdown of the art inside, whilst we speak to the Labyrinthine legends Brian and Wendy Froud on their love for faeries, and if you're interested in more unorthodox fantasy creatures we’ve got game art ledge Colin Fix’s sketchbook - zombie fishing anyone?!

We interview the opinionated, passionate and very talented Steve Argyle, receive top tips on creating concept art with impact from Jan Ditlev Christensen, and build up a good dose of mood with a sombre and striking piece by Frank Hong.

There’s also a classic fantasy scene to be made with Svetlin Velinov, the development sheet of’s Christian Mac Nevin to be examined, plus 90 minutes of video tuition, 101 animal reference photos, 154 artist’s brushes and loads of trial software on the free DVD.

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AtoZ of fantasy creatures : We look at 26 quintessential fantasy creatures, bringing as many great fantasy artists to draw and talk about their favourites.

Steve Argyle: We speak to Steve about his lush fantasy art that retains a sense of realism, and look through some of his favourite pieces so far.

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Svetlin Velinov: Take staple fantasy ingredients such as a band of heroes, and evil lair and an unspeakable horror, and bring them together with ease.

Feng Guo: Help Feng nail a stunning piece of concept art by staying true to the game's back story.

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FXpose: Ten more fantastic examples of reader art, from classic fantasy characters to sleek, glistening assassins.

Jan Christensen helps you to give your character designs the cinematic treatment, making it easy to sell your ideas to the client.

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