Hellboy: The Director’s Cut
Studio Sony Pictures  | Distributor Sony Pictures  | Certificate 12 | Price £19.99

A belter of an action flick. Refreshingly, it’s not a standard superhero film, but mixes all manner of faux-mystical legends – with just about every Nazi myth ever invented – into its own world. Hellboy, a grown-up demon working secretly for the CIA, is a world-weary behemoth with the obligatory heart of gold, and actor Ron Perlman’s portrayal is just right.

Sadly this delicate balance doesn’t often extend to the script, which is littered with a slew of cheesy macho one-liners, yet lacks genuine wit or surprise. Non-CGI, man-in-a-rubber-suit moments contrast starkly with the impressive design detail in the rest of the film.

The three discs include a slightly extended film, lashings of commentaries, a making-of, exclusive on-screen comics from Mignola and more conceptual art than you’ll ever need.