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What does manga mean? Does it simply translate as 'comics'? Or can it be used to describe a comic style developed in Japan, then referenced, added to and changed around the world? We'd have to lean to the latter definition - especially with Sakimi Chan's beautiful manga-meets-fantasy art adorning this issue's cover.

Whether you're one for semantics or not, we're sure you'll enjoy our manga-inspired issue. In it we speak to Joe Madureira about his manga-inspired career. There's a special look at the new crop of masters of manga around the world, and our workshop section is filled with everything from how to establish characters sheets, with Emma Vieceli, to learning how to develop multiple scenes, with Feng Zhu.

Our Rising Stars competition is also launching this issue. With no age limit and all-new categories, it's set to be the best so far. Take a look at the changes we've made, the panel of supremely talented judges we've chosen, and the impressive array of prizes up for grabs.

Workshop videos in digital
This issue also marks our introduction of streaming workshop videos on all iPad downloads of the issue (and we're working hard to get the same for Android tablets too!)
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August ISSUE

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Rising Stars 2012: No age limits and all-new categories! What are you waiting for?! Become our next rising star.

Joe Mad: We speak to the talented comic/manga artist about his art career so far.

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Masters of manga: We've talked to the very best manga artists from around the world. 

Feng Zhu: Learn how to work quickly with several ideas on the go.
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Saskia Gutekunst: If your art has too many narrative ideas vying for attention, follow this workshop for clarity.

Sze Jones: Go traditional and digital in this inspiring workshop from this US-based artist.

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