Deleter ComicWorks
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Despite software advances, for many there is nothing that can replace the humble pen and paper. But irrespective of the creative freedom such traditional media provides it’s now inevitable that, at some point, your work will need to be digitised.

Many existing applications enable you to import scanned work, but this method requires knowledge of how to remove artefacts and discolouration. Other applications such as Painter can trace your work but can create inferior results.

Aimed at the manga artist, ComicWorks enables you to import work from your scanner. It provides a series of tools that enable you to recreate your original in a faithful manner and provides methods to enhance the concept.

In many ways the software is an essential utility, although some may feel its complexity is offputting. It can be argued that original art might be better created directly within the application but there’s no denying the workflow enhancements the software provides through features such as automated ray emanation.

The software provides authentic results but you’ll need time to master its minimal interface. It also suffers from limited help documentation due to poor translation, but for those who are keen on their manga, the trial version is certainly worth exploring.


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