Some Assembly Required
Ruring this workshop, I’m going to share with you the process and methodology that I used in the construction of a photo and paint montage. I’ll talk about some of the pitfalls and benefits of using photography and also cover the tools that I used for shape extraction, including Quick Mask and Tonal Range Blending. In addition, I’ll discuss in detail several tools that I employed for shape and image manipulation, including Transform tools and layer modes such as Soft Light.
I began using this method to provide a refresher from my usual techniques and subjects. If you ever find yourself in a slump, nothing will help you recharge better than changing your subject matter and your approach to it. Afterwards you will find you’re able to return to what you’ve done in the past with a fresh outlook and new methodology. This is the key to motivation and progress.
I really enjoy the creative element of the method I’ll discuss here and it’s opened my eyes to possibilities I might not have discovered. I would encourage everyone to employ diverse methods and techniques in their own visualisation and painting process. Many artists seem to think that practising diverse methods does them no good if it does not apply to their style. Through experimentation and exploration, however, we maximise learning, and through diversity your style will mature and progress.
Please look me up on the forums or my website if you’d like to know more. I’m always happy to help!

From issue 19.
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