Exposé 3
Price from £28 | Editors Wade & Hellard | Publisher Ballistic | Web www.ballisticpublishing.com

The third edition in this highly-respected series continues the digital art showcase with the level of prestige that its audience has come to adore. Exposé 1 and 2 both featured and even launched some of the world’s best contemporary digital artists. Here, again, is a collection that raises the standards for both 2D and 3D artists.

The panel of renowned judges give silver and gold awards for several categories; as well as fantasy art, there are characters in action and repose, abstract and design, architectural, environment, humorous, transport and Master and Grand Master categories. New sections include creatures, robots/cyborgs, cityscapes and the surreal. The limited edition (£82) version also features an extra section on Master Award winners.

You’ll see a few of ImagineFX’s contributors among the photo gallery, and in the index section you’ll also find contact details and web addresses to find out more about all the artists.

The book includes a large number of outstanding and memorable works that you’ll want to look at time and again – and not just from a technical viewpoint, the ideas and innovation are stunning, too.

As hardware and software march ahead at an exciting but intimidating rate, the works demonstrate how cutting-edge technology can be married with traditional artistic disciplines. The only thing it doesn’t do is explain much about technique. The book is invaluable from an inspirational aspect and it will leave you thinking: I want to learn to do that.