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Anyone who's gazed up at the stars knows space is the place to let your imagination lead the way. In this month's sci-fi art issue we follow a selection of amazing digital artists as they create beautiful space characters, hardened starship troopers, futuristic vehicles and epic spaceship scenes.

For a space-aged look at what's inside this month, have a look at our shiny new video!

Digital future
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David Demaret combines deep space, nebulas, and a huge spaceship in one dramatic image.

Marc Brunet shows you how to paint a sci-fi character using a single Photoshop layer.

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Dave Rapoza: He may be only 25 but this artist has talent to spare. We get his story so far.

Plein air thinking: Get out of your studio and away from your desk to get inspired.
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Q&As: Yet another round of readers' questions answered by our panel of industry pros.

Joon Ahn shows how to apply perspective and lighting skills when painting futuristic vehicles.

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