ImagineFX Issue 36
Issue 36 is in UK shops now! Here's what's inside the mag...


Paint the amazing cover!

Everybody loves those old school sci-fi films, so Aly Fell shows us how to get that authentic 50s B-movie style.

Monster mythologies
Learn how you can create your own mythologies through design and paint, with a little help from Jim Pavelec.

Playing with light
Find out how to work with different types of lighting to enhance your artwork. Marta Dahlig is at the controls.

The art of Judge Dredd
British comic artist Matt Brooker shows you how to create comic art using Illustrator (and a bit of Photoshop and Painter).

Painting action with speed
Kirsi Salonen reveals how she uses transparent gradients and dual brushes to achieve a speedy action-filled atmosphere.

Goddess of war in acrylics
Dave Kendall takes you from start to finish in depicting this heroic and dramatic image.


The art of Doug Chiang
The winner of an Oscar and two BAFTAs, Doug Chiang has seen it all – so he tells us all about his past… and his future.

Artist portfolio: D’Israeli 
One of Britain’s most well-known comic artists, Matt ‘D’Israeli’ Brooker reveals how he got his break.

Also this month…

Creative brain training
Bobby Chiu shows us his methods of keeping your creative juices in trim.

Art class
Henning Ludvigsen explains how to use layer arrangements to turn sketches into finished paintings.

Scribus, Inkscape, ArtRage SE, Paint.Net and The GIMP

FigureTrek video
ImagineFX wallpapers
Vyonyx textures 
Q&A files

Photoshop CS3 (Mac & PC)
Painter X (Mac & PC)
The Archive (Mac & PC)
Project Dogwaffle Pro 4 (PC)
Doggy FX 1.2 (PC)