Hexagon 2.1
Price $149 | Company Daz | Web www.daz3d.org | Contact +1 801 495 1777 | PC & MAC

Creating impressive 3D artwork may not be any easier these days but it’s sure getting a whole lot cheaper. Although many of the top applications may still require an extension on your credit limit, there are a growing number of titles becoming available that even the most cash-starved student will find within their reach.

Although barely in its second generation, Hexagon has a longer history with its roots being traced back to the popular Amapi title, which, although an effective tool, its rather “unique” interface left many floundering. Some dramatic revisions and a new interface later and Hexagon was born to win back many of those who appreciated the control of Amapi.

And at well under £100, the 3D polygonal modeller is fast proving itself a popular choice among thrifty computer artists that are keen to sculpt their artwork using its more organic approach.

Polygonal manipulators help realise complex 3D curves while its unique selection system provides lots of freedom for tweaking specific areas or completely modifying a character expression, for example.

Its surface subdivision engine enables you to work with a shape as if it were clay, while advanced surface construction support enables you to create anything from the simplest extrusion to complex surfaces generated by enveloping a network of contour curves.

Advanced modelling tools, a fully configurable interface and export support to a wide variety of 3D formats all add up to Hexagon 2.1 being a really useful modelling tool for any digital artist.


System Requirements