The 20 Rules of Game Concept Art
A question I often hear from people who are not in games or art-orientated industries is: “You get paid to play games all day?”
Obviously the answer is “no”, but it is possible to be paid to design and draw all day, which is just as good, if not better. “How do I become a concept designer for the games industry?” is another question I’m often asked. There are many different paths you can take to achieve this goal, but they all involve certain common elements. I’ll talk about some of those, but probably the main thing to remember is that the job is principally about design – yes, illustration and rendering skills are very important, but they make up only half the equation. Getting a concept design job in the games industry means being able to define and solve problems given varying amounts of information, and being able to communicate ideas clearly and effectively.

From issue 19.
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