ImagineFX Issue 33
Issue 33 is a corker.

Jonny Duddle has lovingly painted the cover – and you can follow how to paint it in an exclusive workshop!

Elsewhere in the mag we interview fantasy art legend Chris Achilléos, check out the art of Kung Fu Panda and the new D&D books, have an artist Q&A that’s chock-full of advice, showcase all of the winners of our cover competition and much, much more! *breathes*

Take a look in detail:


50 uses for a dead dragon
In-your-face slapstick or subtle humour can both work in fantasy images – time to crack a smile with Jonny Duddle.

Create a narrative
Employ everything from composition to character design to give your images a sense of narrative. Lauren K Cannon reveals how she tells a story with her imagery.

Painting dark fantasy figures
Dark fantasy enthusiast Alan Lathwell shows how to digitally paint the undead using Painter and Photoshop.

Painting faded beauty
Representing faded beauty can be tricky to master – Marta Dahlig reveals her sympathetic and effective techniques.

Photorealistic sci-fi portraits
Michael Kutsche shows you how he created a human/chimp hybrid to illustrate how he paints believable sci-fi characters.


The art of Sinad Jaruartjanapat
The Thai artist talks about how he creates his richly detailed high fantasy pieces.

Swede Mattias Adolfsson’s sketches splice animals, buildings and vehicles.

Legend: Chris Achilléos
We meet the traditional fantasy artist who has spent more than 30 years at the forefront of British fantasy art.

Portrait of an artist:
Dave Kendall
How a mission of vengeance against a mean teacher sparked a prolific art career.


Demo software
DoggyFX 1.2 (PC)
Project Dogwaffle Pro 4 (PC)
The Archive (Mac & PC)
Painter X (Mac & PC)

Resources and extras
Digimation 3D Models
FigureTrek video
Levente Peterffy video
Vyonyx textures
CG wallpapers
ImagineFX wallpapers
Q&A Files

Workshop Files
Exclusive to ImagineFX
Follow this month’s workshops with these high-resolution, multi-layered files.