Kapow! Liam Sharp
The brand new Kapow! comic convention is hitting London 9-10 April, and in the weeks leading up to it ImagneFX are interviewing some of our favourite comic artists that will be making an appearance.

This week we speak to 2000AD and Marvel UK artist Liam Sharp about Kapow!, old friends and surviving conventions!

Where can fans find you at the show? 

I’ll be at the signing area for an hour on Sunday, from 12.00.

Do you still love attending conventions? 

Well a curious thing happens when you’ve been attending cons as long as I have (25 years), you start to realise that these people you meet two or three times a year at different events all over the world - your heroes, your peers, and the people you just hit it off with - who share your trade, your worries, your ambitions… these are the most solid things in your world! Wherever you move to, whatever direction your life takes you, they remain the one constant - isn't that funny? A great many become your closest and longest-lasting friends. So yes, I still love them.

Is there anyone you’re looking forward to having a beer and catching up with and why?

Of the creators I pretty much know - and am very fond of - everybody who is going, but it’s been a long time since I saw Bryan Hitch, and we used to share studio space back in the Marvel UK days. Looking forward to catching up with him. I’ve also not seen John Romita Jr. since the early 90s at a con in Italy - where we had dinner with Moebius and stayed up late drinking whiskey.

You don’t have a stand at Kapow! so you must be busy. What are you working on? 

I’m in talks about completing my 'JUNX' story, which has been languishing in limbo awaiting a publisher to take it on. I’m also working on a huge personal project called 'Captain Stone is Missing…' as well as a follow-up novel and a couple of screenplays. Oh, and another cover for 2000AD!

Does the UK need a San Diego sized Comic-Con? 

Anything that promotes comics in the UK can only be a good thing - San Diego has 130,000 people passing through it! Next we need to get comics back in the corner shop where they belong…

Do you have any tips to surviving a convention?

Comic conventions aren’t meant to be survived, you’re meant to crash and burn after having a fantastically excessive amount of fun! I say throw yourself at it! But seriously, keep your eyes and mind open to new material, be civil, be patient, wear soft shoes and drink lots of water. Then lots of beer.