Min Yum turns a dream into fantasy art

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Remembering dreams

Ideas for paintings can come from many places and I often find myself reviewing my dreams for inspiration. It’s a strange world that conjures up strong emotions and its surreal nature was an ideal source of inspiration for this image.

Tick the boxes

I don’t have a fixed method of painting every step along the way, but it’s a good idea to get into a habit of following some key steps. It adds consistency through the workflow and helps you plan ahead. For me, these stages include sketching thumbnails to figure out how an idea can best be presented, and working out colours and lighting to define space and mood. It’s also vital to cast a critical eye over your work and then tie up loose ends.

Out of left field

Having said that, I also enjoy experimenting with new methods on every illustration that I do. Most of time it involves tackling uncomfortable subject matter, but of course, creating art isn’t always smooth sailing. I think that we can only advance by constantly challenging ourselves to become better at what we enjoy doing.