Simon Fellah sketchbook
This month we delve into the dark and detailed sketching of Simon Fellah. We just love the confident and bold approach that Simon’s brooding lines and shading exude. It’s sometimes difficult to get an artist to describe their art – how can you put into words something so varied and personal? – but Simon offered us this opinion of his style: “I’d describe it as somewhat dark and raw with a bizarre twist. I hope there is a little beauty in it too.”

A self-taught artist, Simon’s been a full time traditional artist for seven years, and has always had a passion for painting. “I started drawing and painting like most kids, but I never learned how to stop, he reveals. “I love sci-fi and fantasy stories and decided I would get into that line of work.”

His journey in art is always moving forwards, as he explains: “Painting digitally was a great new discovery for me. Many things influence me: life around me, great artists, strange animals, movies and music and travels. It’s all a big melting pot.”

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