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Avast Ye! We're sailing the seven seas of art inspiration in the new issue of ImagineFX, with rum drinking contests and rope tying challenges held regularly on the poop deck... well, maybe not, but we do have a lot of great workshops, interviews and tricks and tips to get you inspired about your art!

Take Aly Fell's delightful pin up cover. Inside he shows how, with the right colour and a plunging perspective, you can produce an eye-popping painting. We chat to Paul Bonner about his highly detailed fantasy art, and James Gurney remembers the great American artist, and pirate populariser, Howard Pyle in a fascinating feature.

The workshop section is bursting with new ways to approach your digital art. Dan Dos Santos blends theory with a few well-earned tricks to show how to paint dynamically, and Anne Pogoda concentrates on perfecting her character's skin tones. There are space battles to be drawn with the help of Ryan Dening, and Horia Dociu offers some neat ways to use layer blending to achieve a traditional feel in a digital medium.

We've also got a bountiful treasure-trove of art insight in our Q&A section, plus loads news, reviews, galleries and a DVD brimming with helpful software and video workshops

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Anne Pogoda: Find out how to ensure that your fantasy characters never have bad skin again!

Howard Pyle: Modern master artist James Gurney takes a look at one of America's most influential artists Howard Pyle.

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Dan Dos Santos shows his favourite tricks for coming up with strong compositions with immediate impact.

Ryan Dening: Conceptualise and paint a space conflict while making the most of Photoshop's layering ability.
Magazine pageMagazine page

Paul Bonner: The England-born fantasy artist talks about some of his artistic highlights, and why you should 'paint what you love'.

Horia Dociu leads a workshop in applying layer blending techniques to give your digital art a traditional feel.

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