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We're looking to the past for inspiration today in the new issue of ImagineFX. Anna Dittmann depicts Snow White and the evil queen in our double cover special, whilst inside we explore the mesmerising life's work of English illustrator Arthur Rackham. We speak to some of the top artists to have made their name creating book cover art, and there's loads of fantastic workshops, news and reviews to keep you enchanted until next month...

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Arthur Rackham: We celebrate the English artist's outstanding line work and subline illustrations.

Book art: Whether print or digital, sci-fi and fantasy books still need great art. We speak to some of the leading artists in the field.

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Jon Hodgson: The Scottish artist takes on one of England's greatest mythical heroes for this piece of narrative art.

Tom Johnson: Find out useful ways to combine 3D and 2D art techniques to produce inspired art work.
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Q&As: Yet another round of readers' questions answered by our panel of industry pros. Warning: includes giants, witches and wolves.

Hethe Srodawa: Successful character design starts from the shoulders up, according to this Hethe and his fascinating workshop.

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