Design your own sci-fi movie poster
For this workshop I’ll be creating a fake movie poster for a character of mine called the King of Space. I want to mimic movie posters, particularly the fantasy and sci-fi ones I remember from the 1970s and 80s. Rex, the King of Space is a product of the movies and TV I absorbed during my formative years, mixed with some 2000 AD, Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes, so it seems apt that a King of Space poster draws from the same era. To get my brain ticking, I watch the original Star Wars trilogy and root out books on old-school science fiction, poster design, and fantasy and sci-fi artists.
A poster needs to grab the viewer’s attention and get them interested. There are obvious, clichéd ways to do this, with big spaceships, bigger explosions and foxy girls in space suits. For this poster I’ve got a kid in a bad mood, so I need to create a poster with visual impact that doesn’t rely too heavily on the usual subject matter.
An attic in cold and windy Buxton may not be the ideal location for creating blockbuster movies so there’s no King of Space film on the way, but who knows what the future might hold…

From issue 18.