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We let visionary digital artist Android Jones (Andrew to his mum) lead the way this issue, giving him charge of the ImagineFX cover, whilst inside he explains his new rules of digital art - an inside peek at Android’s unique approach to his singular art.

As we're announcing the second year of ImagineFX's Rising Stars competition, it seems a perfect time to offer you top tips from the professionals on how to perfect your portfolio. Theories abound in James Gurney's detailed yet approachable workshop about choosing the right reference for your painting, whilst we welcome back Marta Dahlig with her tutorial on painting a female character that's anchored in realism.

Loïc Zimmermann loosens up his painting for a stylistic portrait workshop, and Nicole Cardiff uses her traditional skills to paint a cloaked hero. We've also collected more great art tips and tricks in our monthly Q&A section, Marco Mazzoni's sci-fi imagery gets the Artist Portfolio treatment, and this month's DVD holds over 240 photo and texture references, has loads of video tutorial assets, and trial software to get you started. Enjoy!

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Android Jones: We get the visionary artist to share his top ten ways to revolutionise your digital art - it's enlightening. 

Nicole Cardiff: If you want to know how to give your digital fantasy art an illustrative look, you'll find trad-taught Nicole's tuorial an eye-opener.

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Perfect portfolio: Tying in with our second year of ImagineFX's Rising Stars competition, we get industry pros to help you get the perfect portfolio.

James Gurney: This month's workshop on getting the right reference for your art from James Gurney is downright revelatory.
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Marta Dahlig: Discover how to create a female character that's anchored in realism with the popular Polish artist.

Loic Zimmermann: Gain the confidence to experiment with using brushes and textures as Loic works in a looser style.

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