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Inspired by the Eastern-tinged fantasy world of Prince of Persia, we help you create unique, dynamic heroes in issue 59. Leading the charge is Patrick Reilly's great cover art, accompanied with a creative deconstruction inside. We've also got art director Kevin Jenkins to talk about his art work for the Prince of Persia film.

Turn the page to see our legend interview with Ken Kelly, from Creepy comics to KISS covers and definitive takes on Conan. In the workshops section Marta Dahlig shows how working on your brush strokes will help expand your style, and Jake Probelski shows how colour and lighting affect the mood of your art.

We've also got film industry character designer Bobby Chiu to guide us through the creation of a charismatic creature, whilst Blizzard art director Samwise Didier reveals stunning art for the forthcoming game StarCraft 2.

The free DVD is also packed with five hours of exclusive video workshops, Painter 11, ArtRage 3 and Zbrush 3.1 trials, Massive Black samples and much more. Plenty to keep you occupied until next month. Enjoy!

August ISSUE
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Bobby Chui: Create a charismatic creature with the expert help of the film industry character designer.

Samwise Didier: Blizzard's art director reveals his love of Conan, fantasy art and the new StarCraft 2 game. 

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Patrick Reilly: Gets the most visual impact from a tight shot of the character's face in his tutorial inside.

Ken Kelly: From comic artist to the band KISS's best friend, Ken tells us about his incredible career in fantasy art.

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Kevin Jenkins: The concept artist takes us through the creation of the sand room sequence of the film Prince of Persia.

Pete Amachree: In the second of four installments on production design for games, Pete creates an exotic island setting.

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