HP Scanjet 4670vp
Price £149 | Company HP | Webwww.hp.com/uk | Contact0870 010 4320

Flatbed scanners have long ruled the domestic market due to their affordability and quality. Sheet- feeding scanners emerged to reduce the desk area needed, but the quality suffered, and now HP’s innovative vertical scanner provides a little more room for your pencil case.

Although HP’s claims of a six-second scan may be a little optimistic when dealing with detailed artwork, the results produced by this 2,400 DPI, 48-bit scanner are reasonably impressive. More realistic scan times are nearer to 30-plus seconds for a 4x6 colour photo, 25-plus seconds for a black- and-white drawing, or 40-plus seconds for a sheet of A4.

USB 2.0 connectivity provides a speed boost, and a comprehensive range of file formats are supported. Although possibly better suited to scanning office documents than artwork, the 4670 is a capable scanner for those with limited desk space.