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Cave dwellers come hither! It’s Watchmen time, and to celebrate ImagineFX’s new issue is sporting a world exclusive Dave Gibbons cover with an accompanying workshop by the Watchmen artist.

Whilst Dave takes us through the creation of his Rorschach cover, we look at the history and influence of the genre-defining comic in an eight-page feature, with insight from Watchmen colourist John Higgins and film concept artist Scott Lukowski.

Elsewhere, meditate on the ‘zen of abstract art’ with Massive Black’s Andrew Jones, create a dramatic sci-fi environment with Mike McCain, a classic sci-fi landscape with Bill Corbett, and find out how to get more emotional impact in your painting with Bao Pham.

As ever, this month’s DVD is full of goodies, with two fantastic comic creation suites and workshop files from all the above and more clocking in at nine hours.

Ladies and gentlefolk, welcome to the Watchmen issue.

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Watchmen feature: Before you get to Dave Gibbons’s workshop, immerse yourself in our eight-page feature on the history and influence of Watchmen.

Reader’s FXPosé: Ten more fantastic new digital artists to watch out for, from Ukraine to Mexico via Ireland.

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Aleksi Briclot: We pin down the busy French virtuoso artist to take us through his most favourite projects so far, from his first graphic novel to Spawn.

Imagine Nation: We quiz ConceptArt’s Jason Manley on new copyright laws and look at all that is new and good in the digital arts world.

Magazine page Magazine page

Mike McCain: Work on depth, perspective and scene composition with the Seattle-based artist to produce dramatic sci-fi environments.

The Zen of Andrew Jones: Embrace the chaos of the unknown and get spectacular results with Andrew Jones. Warning: readers may be spiritually enlightened.

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