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Celebrating our first issue of 2012 each copy of issue 79 comes with a free Dinotopia poster and a 2012 wall planner - what better way to stay inspired and organised for the whole of 2012.

Inventing new species is a great way to discover new art skills, and that's exactly what we're doing this issue. Bao Pham shows us how to go about creating an enchanting alien creature in his workshop that accompanies this month's cover art.

Charlie Bowater works on a unique fantasy figure, creating something new from an old piece of line art, and we look at the master art of Wayne Barlowe - all aliens and intriguing creatures touched with the darker side of fantasy.

Fantasy art legend John Howe gives us an in depth look at his sketches, and tells us why sketching is the very core of his work, whilst James Gurney takes us through some world building, with 26 ways to create your own fantasy art world, including intricate maps and detailed character art. James has also helped us create a 2012 calender - free with this issue!

Having made the amazing artwork for Batman: Arkham City, we've asked Rocksteady Studio to give us a breakdown of what it means to be a concept artist working on an international game title today. And Rocksteady's very own Kan Muftic has also made a workshop recasting Harley Quinn as a compassionate character.

Plus there's loads of workshop files and free software on our DVD. 

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February ISSUE

Magazine pageMagazine page

Rocksteady on Batman: Find out what it takes to be a concept artist on one of the biggest game titles of the year.

Bao Pham: Working from chaotic rough sketches, Bao creates an intriguingly unique alien species of his own.

Magazine pageMagazine page

John Howe: With an array of the artist's amazing sketches, John delves into why sketching is so important to him.

Charlie Bowater: Workinn from an old sketch, Charlie shows how to inject new life into a previosly neglected idea.
Magazine pageMagazine page

Wayne Barlowe: From aliens to damned souls of hell, Wayne is an expert in unique creature design.

James Gurney: The creator of Dinotopia helps build up a whole fantasy world in this insightful workshop.

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