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Maybe it’s their metallic composure, their steely gaze, or the fact that they’re so damn cool, but we’re all mad about robots this month in ImagineFX.

After enjoying the cold-hearted droid of Silver Saaremael’s exclusive cover painting, turn to Christian Alzmann’s fantastic workshop, 25 steps to building better robots. Then there’s Patrick Reilly’s tutorial on inventing your own retro sci-fi weaponry to properly arm your new creations.

There’s also loads of free robot software on this month’s free DVD, and we’re giving you a little robot to make for this month’s free gift. Then, just before you short-circuit, enter our Terminator competition for a chance to win some original Terminator concept art plus all the films.

Elsewhere, we chat to Dan Scott about his killer card art, discover the powerful dream-like paintings of Eduardo Peña, and quiz Adam Paquette about how to create a great fantasy environment, plus loads more… Enjoy!

January ISSUE
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Christian Alzmann : The illustrator and art director shares his 25 steps to build better robots, with stunning results.

Fiona Staples : Comic artist Fiona takes you through the drawing and storytelling basics you need to create a comic book.

Magazine page Magazine page

Dan Scott : Turning his passion for the genre into a thriving career, Dan talks to us about WoWC cards and redrawing every Marvel character.

Patrick Reilly : Taking inspiration from Art Deco and other vintage styles, Pat reveals how to create elegant weapons.

Magazine page Magazine page

ImagineNation : This month we look at how you can get career confident by taking an internship.

Q&A : The panel, which include Cynthia Shepard and Fiona Staples, take you through character consistency and underwater scenes.

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