Curvy 3D
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Curvy 3D is a tool for artists who want to work with 3D, building and painting objects from scratch without learning the complexities of traditional modelling. It’s especially aimed at 2D artists and uses an innovative set of sculpting techniques to enable you to quickly build the elements of a scene.

The first stroke you make defines a rounded 3D shape in one of three forms. You can then improve and refine that shape by drawing more curves in other views – re-defining the silhouette of your object from different angles until you have the general shape of your object.

This requires some practice, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to mess your shape up pretty quickly. Furthermore, once it becomes a complex object, it’s difficult to locate all the different curves that define your shape, unless you’re well organised from the start.
When you’ve created your object, you can paint and texture it within Curvy 3D using a 2D paintbrush. In addition to Texture, Highlight and Bump maps, you can also add Curvy maps. These enable you to paint bulges and depressions into your model – in the style of ZBrush.
Curvy 3D, however, is not ZBrush
– it doesn’t have the price tag, or the features. It also approaches modelling in a very different way, enabling you to sculpt objects quickly from scratch. If you can’t justify more expensive modelling packages, mastering this powerful tool is well worth the effort. On the other hand, if you’re already working with high-end modellers, you probably won’t feel the need to add Curvy 3D to your toolbox.


System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98, DirectX 8.0, GeForce 2 or better graphics card