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d’artiste: Concept Art

Another fine addition to the Master Class series.

Editors Daniel Wade | Publisher Ballistic | Price $55 | Webwww.ballisticpublishing.com

The fourth book in the Digital Artist Master Class series, d’artiste: Concept Art exhibits the work of established artists George Hull, Andrew Jones, Nicolas Bouvier, and Viktor Antonov. Both George and Andrew have appeared in ImagineFX, supplying tips and advice in the workshops and Q&A. It’s always great to see more work from familiar faces.
Each artist has written a lengthy introduction to their history and work. They also discuss their hopes for the future and which direction they hope to head in, followed by advice on how to find work in the concept art industry.
It’s a trade that many find difficult to break into, so to hear advice from successful artists is essential reading for anyone hoping to follow in their path. Several examples of artwork by the artist are carefully chosen and thoughtfully laid out with comments and notes. This is a great chance to explore the distinct styles of each artist and to see what practices they usually employ.
The focus of the book is tutorials by each artist, which explain step-by-step the process taken to complete an image. It’s easy to spend several hours pouring over the smaller details. But it’s a shame that there is no way to download the work in progress images, as actually practising the skills covered in the workshop is more important than reading them on a page. It’s also disappointing that only four artists have supplied tutorials, if you’re not a particular fan of the selected painters you may find little within the 200 pages to interest you. This is partially amended by the Invited Artist Gallery, a section found after each set of tutorials. Here each artist has selected a group of their favourite works from other talented painters. These include comments from each artist on what makes them stand out from the crowd.
If you’re collecting the Digital Artist Master Class series, then chances are you already have this book. It’s a fine addition to the ever growing Digital Artist Master Class series, and a fantastic resource for any concept artist, whether amateur or professional.