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Colin Fix's monkey zombie

This article was taken from issue 62 of ImagineFX magazine. Have a look at Colin's super-fast video of creating this undead ape!

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Colin Fix
 Country: USA
 Colin works at Lucasfilm
 Animation as a senior
 character designer.
 His work can be seen in
 Robert Zemeckis’s Beowulf
 and 2K Games’ BioShock 2
 and the upcoming XCOM.


Silly chimp!
"As a young teen, I saw George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead on VHS. I’ve been a fan of the walking dead ever since, pumping out as much undead artwork as I can. So when ImagineFX asked me to do a zombie workshop, I was excited, but I didn’t just want to do another undead human. I love zombies and I love apes, so I figured I’d put the two of them together and see what happened.

"This tutorial is a peek into the process that followed. I’ll demonstrate how to make an organic texture with traditional media and use it in digital images. I’ll also give an insight into the art of gore with such classic tips as: 'Rip your gorilla’s skin off, expose his brain and bloody him up.'

"In addition to the gross-out antics, I’ll also demonstrate the importance of hard/soft edges, unity of values, contrast of surfaces, texture, value, hue and saturation to help guide a viewer through your illustration. Finally, I’ll reveal a few of the roadblocks I encountered and how I navigated around them, so that you can do the same with your artwork."


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