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Paint a sexy siren

Jonny Duddle combines humour with the faintly erotic and a group of painterly pirates...

I’ve not done any illustration work that could be considered erotic. So when I was asked to produce a piece of erotic art, I was initially flummoxed. I thought about painting a saucy space vixen, a flirtatious fairy or a Barbarian babe in a furry bikini. I even tried a few sketches, but none of them seemed to hit the mark and I was getting frustrated. Until I found an old sketch that I’d done of a mermaid.

This started off as a small doodle in Photoshop while I was working on something else. There was something about the mermaid scribble that I liked, so I saved it for possible future development. I’ve got folders full of doodles that never become anything more, but as I was browsing through them for some hidden nugget of inspiration, she popped out immediately. I love drawing pirates and I’ve always wanted to paint a mermaid, so a sinister siren tempting a few bedraggled pirates into range of her bloodstained axe seemed like a good idea!

I often try to tell a story in my illustrations and I want The Siren to follow that trend, and my art style has an unavoidable humorous bent, even if everyone in the painting has a frown on their faces. So I’ll attempt to create an interesting illustration that contains both humour and eroticism.

Whenever I’ve tried to be even remotely erotic in real life, I’m usually laughed at, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get some humour into my painting, but how about the ‘erotic’? Let’s see…

From issue 22.

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