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ImagineFX 82

Imagine FX magazine

Our ultimate comic art issue has arrived! And whether you're a die hard comic art fan or simply want to freshen up on the skills involved in the world's most popular form of art, you'll find plenty in this new issue.

Wonder Woman
Alex Garner created a brand new Wonder Woman image for the cover, and he takes us through exactly how inside, with a workshop video on our free DVD as well. If that piques your interest in the Amazonian wonder, then we've also got the full colourful history of Wonder Woman in this issue as well.

Comic timing
Adam Hughes talks to us about his work on the new title Fairest - Bill Willingham's new Fables spin off series. You can learn how to pencil a dynamic comic character collage with Alvin Lee, and then go for a cover image with Jorge Molina Manzanero's take on a mysterious X-Men character.

Ladies and line art
The multi-disciplined Craig Elliott takes on World of Warcraft's Lady Sylvanas, and produces a stunning new interpretation, and Lois van Baarle gives us an amazingly detailed look into inventive ways of creating digital line work.

The future is digital
Get the best digital art workshops and interviews on your tablet or computer. ImagineFX is available on Apple's Newsstand (via iOS 4 & 5), and you can buy individual issues or subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months.
Get the magazine straight to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! Android users can get digital editions too, and you can experience the magazine with Barnes & Noble Nook!


Magazine pageMagazine page

Adam Hughes spills the beans about his new covers for Fairest.

Alex Garner: You've seen the cover, now see how Alex created it - with a video on our free DVD.

Magazine pageMagazine page

Jorge Molina Manzanero takes a fresh look at X-Men's Blink, from sketch to cover image.

Lois van Baarle explores her very own favourite tips for creating digital line work.
Magazine pageMagazine page

Alvin Lee takes a basic idea and with sound art theory makes a dynamic comic character collage.

Craig Elliott reimagines Lady Sylvanas, explaining his colour and composition chioces.

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